ML Studios


My Journey into makeup came about quite accidentally.

When I was still in college, studying Photography a couple of years ago, I decided to create a photo series to talk about body image. How we perceive ourselves, how we think others perceive us and the relationship between the two.

So I painted on models, by hand, into skeletons, leaving only their hearts in their chests. I removed skin, muscles, and ligaments. Everything. I left the bare minimum: the container, and the soul it holds.

This sparked my love affair with makeup.

The fact that you can use colour and form in order to completely change someone fascinated me, so I continued studying about makeup FX, and the more I studied the more enthralled I became and the more I wanted to know.

To add to the fact that I loved the creative process of sculpting, moulding and painting, I found that there is a certain kind of intimacy and trust that is created between the makeup artist and the model, once we have spent a few hours together, so physically close to each other, in some cases the model being almost completely naked.
And though it is an ephemeral intimacy it is a very powerful one.